My Story
Founding Light Up the Spectrum has been a dream that I am excited to see become a reality. I consider myself fortunate to have found my calling in life at such an early age. I truly enjoy what I do and cannot imagine doing anything else.

I credit my passion for my work to my older brother Brad. Brad is 13 months older than me, a couple inches shorter than me, gets a twinkle in his blue eyes when he's up to something, and he sometimes cusses... even when he knows he shouldn't. He also has Tuberous Sclerosis and autism.

I knew I wanted to be a Special Education teacher by the time I was 4 years old. According to my mom and dad, I was a second mother to Brad. But for me, I was just Brad's little sister, just like I was Caitlyn's big sister. Growing up together in Houston, TX, I loved teaching both of them how to be good (and sometimes a little bad) which is what any good sibling should do! And throughout high school and even today, I have remained an active participant in Brad's program, training and everyday life.

It's my hope that Light Up the Spectrum will give me the opportunity to work with many more individuals and their families, doing what I love.

Experience and Credentials
Shannon is currently a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and certified Special Education Teacher. Shannon has over 10 years experience providing services to individuals with autism as a teacher, private provider in the home, clinic and school settings. She also continues to provide classroom consultations, professional trainings for school districts, and teach university level coursework. Shannon is a member of APBA, ABA and many other professional organizations.

  • 3 years experience as BCBA and Program Manager for 1:1 ABA center
  • BCBA Certified (Certificate # 1-08-4625)
  • M. Ed., University of Texas, Austin
  • B.S., Education, University of Texas, Austin

References available upon request